Pixel aritist

Art can be hard. Sometimes impossible. You sit at that table, in front of your computer, draw a scribble, and sit. Wait for your work to turn into a masterpiece.

It’s not gonna happen.

You know that.

Maybe take a break, get on your computer, go to this post, click on this link, and make a masterpiece.

Because it’s simple.

Maybe you will find it hard at first, like me. But I promise you, the art on https://www.pixilart.com/draw is easy to make.

Now let me show you some examples of “works of art” by me!

🌊 The ship sails across the seven seas 🚢
Just a bit of 3D texture (and tints, shades)
Red scraps (for some reason)

Dunno about the last one? Well, you’re in luck.

Me neither.

Art is about passion, expressing, and letting out your feelings.

My feelings are complicated.

Ok, let’s talk about something else.

I have been using this platform for a lot of things. Mostly on my site. It is fun and easy to use, and you should try it out. Hopefully you draw some good drawings!


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