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Christmas Time!

It’s the 25th of December. Y’all know what that means! It’s Christmas Day! For Christmas this year, we did it a bit differently. We made a pyramid of books, and put our Christmas tree inside, so the stand doesn’t show. I gotta say, it looks pretty cool! Like it? We also did a few drawings… […]

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Get us to 200!

We have been working hard on our YouTube channel (moonstruck dad) for almost a year now. We write, draw, act as well as learning new things along the way. Today we have reached 199 subscribers, and me and father both would appreciate if we get 200 soon! Thank you to all of you who have […]

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Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream – Book Review

Today I read the book “Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream”, written by Grgo Mišković and illustrated by Toma Mišković. Reading the book was special as it was written and illustrated by a father-son duo just like my father and I collaborate for our books and YouTube channel. The book is about a small roly-poly named […]

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My best pixel art yet!

Hello 😀 Just now, I drew a piece of pixel art online, which I think is amazing! The topic might be a bit hard to understand, but I hope you like the drawing. This drawing, as I said, is quite hard to understand, but I think it’s really good, and I hope you observe it […]

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More pixels for you to enjoy!

Hello! WELCOME to another pixel art showcase! Today I created an artwork of an emoji that is kind of like those shiny emoji icons you find on sticker apps, but this one says hello! For more small pixel artworks, stay tuned!

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What we did in quarantine!

A few days ago, we created a video on our YouTube channel explaining all the things we did during the lockdown. Here’s the video! We are also continuing more series like Wrong Answers, Life in Lockdown and How to Draw. You can also follow us on Twitter, for some exclusive cartoons, like the Life in […]

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Pixel art is back!

Sitting at home today reminded me of the Pixilart website that I used to draw pixel art on. I haven’t opened that website since the 14th of January. So when I reopened it, all the memories came back to me. I made a little drawing and I changed the drawing into my WordPress profile picture […]

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Kobe Bryant – a tribute

[Information source: Wikipedia] Basketball star Kobe Bryant died along with his 13-year old daughter, Gigi, in a helicopter crash Kobe was only 41 years old when he tragically died. He was born in Philadelphia, USA, but soon, when Kobe was 6, his family moved to Italy. Kobe started learning to play basketball at the age […]

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Pixel aritist

Art can be hard. Sometimes impossible. You sit at that table, in front of your computer, draw a scribble, and sit. Wait for your work to turn into a masterpiece. It’s not gonna happen. You know that. Maybe take a break, get on your computer, go to this post, click on this link, and make […]

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Auckland’s eerie sky

Auckland is a nice place. Sometimes breezy, sometimes warm. Sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny. It’s always a natural place, whether you like it or not. But today, at around 2:00 PM, the sky wasn’t natural AT ALL. It was an orange colour usually in zombie apocalypse video games and movies. It looked…..weird. It struck me that […]