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Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream – Book Review

Today I read the book “Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream”, written by Grgo Mišković and illustrated by Toma Mišković.

Reading the book was special as it was written and illustrated by a father-son duo just like my father and I collaborate for our books and YouTube channel.

The book is about a small roly-poly named Ferdinand, who loves Vanilla ice-cream. He loves it so much that he steals ice-cream from an ice-cream shop every night and eats it. He can’t eat much, but he loves what he can. He soon gets caught by the ice-cream man though, and he and his friends have to do a lot of cleaning!

Why did I like the book?

It was a great story, and it had a lesson to it as well. It is: “sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself, and you may need to ask some people to help out” which is exactly what Ferdinand did when he realised that he was too small to clean the whole ice-cream shop himself, so he asked his friends to help him.

I really enjoyed the illustrations. It shows that Toma put in a lot of effort to illustrate the beautiful story. The use of colour is marvellous. I also love the fact that any child reading the book can also draw the characters. I always love illustrations that are easy to draw. Good job, Toma!

Which characters appealed to me the most?

My favourite character in the book was the ice-cream man, because even though Ferdinand was stealing his ice-cream, he didn’t crush him when he heard that he would clean the shop for him. He also gave all of them a reward for their efforts!

Is this book suitable for all readers?

I think the book is great for ages 4 and above, and maybe parents could read it to younger kids. It is a really good book, and I am sure most children will enjoy it.

Am I interested in reading more books by the same author?

I’m looking forward to see more books written by the author and illustrator duo Grgo Mišković and Toma Mišković.


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