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  • Series of Unfortunate Events

    Series of Unfortunate Events

    Hello! Let me tell you a story of two men who went to Peru just to measure a bunch of land to check out a bulge on a giant rock named Earth. Why did they do this? I don’t know. But is it funny? Yes. It’s also content for a future YouTube video, so that’s […]

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  • End


    Papea and Brume had just received news that the man they were looking for has been killed in a tragic accident. As people flooded into the woods looking for sanctuary, people talked about the “Snudo boy” who got killed. Police were rounding people up in single file lines, though nobody seemed bothered about anything but […]

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  • Skating on a board…

    Skating on a board…

    Ever since I was younger, I always wanted a skateboard. One of my friends at kindergarten had a skateboard, and I always begged my dad to buy me one. I seriously have no idea why I wanted to have the same thing as my friend. But, well, I did. I asked for a skateboard year […]

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  • The Search

    The Search

    “So, your friend murdered him?” Papea nodded grimly. Once Brume had said that he wanted to find the cause of Sir Edward’s death, Papea felt sick to the stomach. And now, as much as it felt better to spill all of his secrets to someone, he felt even sicker, in a way. I could be […]

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  • The Officer

    The Officer

    Snudo was running. Blood was running along his fingers. And sirens were wailing. Snudo was trying to stop murdering, but every time he tried to stop, the words came back to him, and he had an urge to do as they said. You need to survive off theft and murder. It’s all you can do, […]

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  • To Edwawor

    To Edwawor

    Now we must move to a new perspective, in a new land, a new village, a new world… _______________________________________________________ “This seems like it will be fun” Brume said, sarcastically. He lived in a distant, unknown village known as Middleland. He was chosen by his father, chief of the village, to go on a quest to […]

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  • An Empire of Theft and Murder

    An Empire of Theft and Murder

    “We will bury him at dawn“ The words rung in Papea’s head. What did they mean? How did they know about him? Why did they care? Who was the deep voice? Is Snudo there? What’s Karlio doing? All of the questions swirled around in Papea’s head. He heard indistinct talking, the deep voice, he could […]

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  • The Assassination

    The Assassination

    Snudo’s was shocked. The king?! The real one? He was so lucky, he expected to have a private audience in his dreams! The king looked calm and utterly normal, unexcited to be talking with Snudo. Snudo didn’t know how to take this, so he just puffed up his chest. “Shall we speak?” asked the king, […]

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  • Narrow Escape

    Narrow Escape

    Papea’s mouth was filled with dirt. He tried screaming to Snudo, but he probably didn’t hear him. Papea scoffed inside his head. Papea certainly never left Snudo to die. Well, not like he got a chance. He felt the pressure of the dirt and rocks on him, falling on his back. Then he got hit […]

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  • The Belt

    The Belt

    (THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER IN MY STORY) Hello! So, as you all may or may not know, I do Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art based on self-defence. In Jiu-Jitsu, you have a gi (your uniform), gi pants ((your uniform pants and a belt. The most important is the belt. Andddd, I left my belt there […]

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