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Jack’s Giant Problem – Book Review

Buy “Jack’s Giant Problem” by clicking on this link “Jack’s Giant Problem” written by Katie Pye and illustrated by Anastasia Belik is a great book. It is about the story “Jack & the Beanstalk”, but with a little twist! It is available to download on Amazon by clicking the link above and I will be […]

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The Brave Rabbit – Book Review

Buy “The Brave Rabbit” by clicking on this link “The Brave Rabbit” written by Alice Foster & illustrated by Alexandra Bazaitova is a great book to teach us good manners. It is available to download on Amazon by clicking the link above and I will be reviewing it here: Why did I like the book? The […]

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Yummy Me Feels So Good – Book Review

Buy “Yummy Me Feels So Good” by clicking on this link Today, I read “Yummy Me Feels So Good” by the author “Lion I Am”. The book is about all the different personalities (“me’s”) in our lives. You can be an angry “me” or a sad “me” or happy “me”. Your different feelings make you […]

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Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream – Book Review

Today I read the book “Ferdinand & the Vanilla ice-cream”, written by Grgo Mišković and illustrated by Toma Mišković. Reading the book was special as it was written and illustrated by a father-son duo just like my father and I collaborate for our books and YouTube channel. The book is about a small roly-poly named […]

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Yesterday, we participated for 3 hours in Steven Lenton‘s #24HOURDRAWATHON, where the artist drew characters from his books for 24 hours straight! It was super fun to draw along with him LIVE on his Facebook page and he was fundraising for a charitable fund in the UK. He raised over 5000 pounds! Watch all our […]

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Cover of the Month Moonstruck Dad, Monster Hunting, The Chocolate Monster, Monster at the Cemetery Hey Everyone,We’re excited to tell you that our book has been nominated for the “Cover of the Month” contest on This will help us a lot if we could see some votes coming in, so please remember to vote […]

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Our book is here!

Get Monster Hunting now! WOO! After many months, many drafts, many illustrations, many mistakes, many whatever, we’ve FINALLY published our book! The eBook is FREE now! Yes, you read right. You can get our book (Monster Hunting) FREE on Amazon right now! PLEASE download and review the book. LINK HERE AGAIN – Get Monster Hunting […]

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A book is coming…

My dad and I have been working on a book together, which shall be soon available (fingers crossed). To find out even MORE please follow us on! Also (obviously), SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel! Here’s a sneak peek! We will appreciate if you continue to be part of our journey.

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Haunted Warriors – Book Review

[This book is part of a series called “The Rouges”. You can read more about it here] I recently read a book called Haunted Warriors. I borrowed the book from the Auckland Central library. It is written by Lian Tanner. This is a story of 4 friends, a cat, and a chicken (who has amazing […]