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The Brave Rabbit – Book Review

Buy “The Brave Rabbit” by clicking on this link

“The Brave Rabbit” written by Alice Foster & illustrated by Alexandra Bazaitova is a great book to teach us good manners. It is available to download on Amazon by clicking the link above and I will be reviewing it here:

Why did I like the book?

The story is beautifully told and teaches us something that is extremely important, which is, we must keep our surroundings clean. The characters are relatable and through the clever and brave rabbit the story shows, anyone can make a difference, if they want to. I think kids will not only understand the importance of keeping environment clean through this story but also understand that we should ensure that others do the right thing as well.

The illustrations are stunning and easily relatable. I especially liked the illustration where the elephant is upside down inside the pond.

Another part I really liked were the little details on each illustration, like a snail, or a painting!

Which characters appealed to me the most?

My favourite character was the large elephant, because he looked the funniest, and didn’t care about the Pond Monster until he howled really loudly!

Is this book suitable for all readers?

The book is suitable for parents to read to ages younger than 5, and ages older than that can read it by themselves.

Am I interested in reading more books by the same author?

I want to read and review Alice Foster’s two other books, Mia, Michael And the Talking Fish and How Alex Faced His Fear.


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