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Get us to 200!

We have been working hard on our YouTube channel (moonstruck dad) for almost a year now.

We write, draw, act as well as learning new things along the way.

Today we have reached 199 subscribers, and me and father both would appreciate if we get 200 soon! Thank you to all of you who have subscribed, and we are constantly trying to improve. We won’t stop at 200, obviously. We’ll keep aiming high. We want to get to 300 next year. If possible, 400!

Thank you all again for all your support. It has been really helpful to us, and we are very grateful to all our 199 subscribers.

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D