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  • Twitter Artists

    Twitter Artists

    I have recently been exploring the world of Twitter, and apart from weird hashtags, cookie shakes and low-quality Spider Man trailer leaks, it’s pretty interesting. One cool thing me and my dad have found on the platform was a pretty decent-sized community of awesome people who don’t talk about #trending #music #videos #icantstopusinghashtags #etcetera or […]

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  • Skating on a board…

    Skating on a board…

    Ever since I was younger, I always wanted a skateboard. One of my friends at kindergarten had a skateboard, and I always begged my dad to buy me one. I seriously have no idea why I wanted to have the same thing as my friend. But, well, I did. I asked for a skateboard year […]

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  • Grateful.

    Yesterday, we watched a movie called Solo (available on Netflix and Amazon Prime). It is a movie which is actually four short films that are completely unrelated to each other. I only watched two of the short films, but this is about the first one. The first short film is about a dad and his […]

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    It’s 2021! 2020 has actually been a (kind of…) amazing year. So much has happened! We made a video talking about some of the things we achieved in relation to moonstruck dad last year: It was a bad year. Unless you were living under a rock, you would know about the whole virus going around. […]

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  • Christmas Time!

    Christmas Time!

    It’s the 25th of December. Y’all know what that means! It’s Christmas Day! For Christmas this year, we did it a bit differently. We made a pyramid of books, and put our Christmas tree inside, so the stand doesn’t show. I gotta say, it looks pretty cool! Like it? We also did a few drawings… […]

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  • Biking and more activities like that

    Biking and more activities like that

    Biking is one of my favourite outdoor activities. I like other stuff as well, such as the examples I am putting down here! Tennis I like playing tennis with my dad. We even have a video on our YouTube channel where we are playing tennis! Games… I like numerous outdoor games, my favourites being Cheat […]

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  • Suddenly in one year..

    Suddenly in one year..

    It is unbelievable what you can achieve when suddenly you and your dad realise that we should do something creative together. So, you learn various things such as making videos, learning animation, voice acting, drawing, public speaking, acting, talking on radio, doing press interviews, read books together, gain knowledge, watch the skies, take photos and […]

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  • Take a Chhalaang!

    Take a Chhalaang!

    [P.C. Amazon Prime Video] Yesterday we watched the Hindi movie Chhalaang on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a really good movie about friendship, sportmanship and persistance. It is about two teachers taking part in a sports competition for the job as P.T. teacher at a school. One chooses a team with the most sporty kids in […]

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  • It’s Halloween!

    It’s Halloween!

    Happy Halloween everybody! It’s time for trick-or-treating, candy, friends, costumes and pumpkin carving! This year, the Chocolate Monster talked about Halloween too! His business in scares is really booming, and he has a lot of work at this time of year. Even with all that, he managed to find a slot for his next interview. […]

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  • Get us to 200!

    Get us to 200!

    We have been working hard on our YouTube channel (moonstruck dad) for almost a year now. We write, draw, act as well as learning new things along the way. Today we have reached 199 subscribers, and me and father both would appreciate if we get 200 soon! Thank you to all of you who have […]

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