The One and Only

Suddenly in one year..

It is unbelievable what you can achieve when suddenly you and your dad realise that we should do something creative together. So, you learn various things such as making videos, learning animation, voice acting, drawing, public speaking, acting, talking on radio, doing press interviews, read books together, gain knowledge, watch the skies, take photos and lot more.

When there is a will, there will be way.

Let us talk a little about the year that was.

We started our YouTube channel last November, and since then we have gained almost 10,000 views altogether and over 200 subscribers. Isn’t that awesome, especially when other kids and their parents tell us that we have inspired them to write books, draw, play and bond together.

In our channel we have 17 playlists of various kinds.

Our story, The Chocolate Monster, was recognised by Lian Tanner, a famous Australian author. She mentioned that we were a brave father/son duo who were putting our creativity out in open. We were encouraged to take our hobby further.

We started drawing in the @StudioTeaBreak Twitter challenges. Sarah McIntyre, a creative genius acknowledged us and encouraged us to draw everyday.

Our book (you can buy it please) was released to the public on Amazon as an eBook, and later a paperback copy came out as well. We actually hit #1 as soon as we launched.

We went on the radio! My dad and I were invited for an interview by Auckland’s radio channel. Imagine, we were talking to radio to other kids and parents.

We were invited to Bookwhig’s Twitter Author’s Parade for an interview!

Then we got even more media coverage! We were in the April edition of a New Zealand local magazine, Ponsonby News! We talked about how we could encourage other kids to look away from gadgets and get creative.

My drawings for the Ickabog Illustration Competition were recognised by probably the most famous author alive, J.K. Rowling!

  • In July, we had our book launch at the Dorothy Butler’s Children’s Bookshop, Auckland’s premier book children’s shop!
  • Also, on that same day, we had our first book copy in a store! At the bookshop where we did the book launch, we managed to sell some books to the guests, as well as the store!
  • Now we want to do more, learn more and grow more.

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