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  • Suddenly in one year..

    Suddenly in one year..

    It is unbelievable what you can achieve when suddenly you and your dad realise that we should do something creative together. So, you learn various things such as making videos, learning animation, voice acting, drawing, public speaking, acting, talking on radio, doing press interviews, read books together, gain knowledge, watch the skies, take photos and […]

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  • The eBook is FREE AGAIN!

    The eBook is FREE AGAIN!

    So if you didn’t know, we first published our book on Amazon in February. Back then, we made it free for a couple of days. A few months later, in July, we had a book launch in Auckland after the lockdown ended (which was very successful, by the way). Now it’s November, a couple of […]

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  • Lockdown once again…

    Lockdown once again…

    Here in New Zealand, we’ve been famous for defeating the virus. What some of you might not know though, is that, also here in New Zealand, we’re back in quarantine. The quarantine was announced yesterday and they will give us an update on Friday. In Auckland (where we live) we are in Level 3 lockdown. […]

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  • Monster Hunting – Launched in Auckland!

    Monster Hunting – Launched in Auckland!

    Our book, Monster Hunting has now officially been launched in Auckland! The book launch was at The Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop – the best children’s bookstore in Auckland, New Zealand! We signed a lot of books, talked about the origin of moonstruck dad, our illustrations, our book and also read out one of the stories: […]

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  • Heap House – Book Review

    Heap House – Book Review

    [This book is part of a series called Iremonger] About 2 weeks ago, I got the book Heap House from the local library. I started reading it, and it was a nice and long read. Usually I didn’t have time to read the book, because of the fact I was basically outside from morning to […]

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  • Pixel art is back!

    Pixel art is back!

    Sitting at home today reminded me of the Pixilart website that I used to draw pixel art on. I haven’t opened that website since the 14th of January. So when I reopened it, all the memories came back to me. I made a little drawing and I changed the drawing into my WordPress profile picture […]

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  • I miss mom – Our mini-series

    I miss mom – Our mini-series

    We write about anything we can come up with. Recently, we did a mini-series. Setting rules, mystery solving, being lazy and having discussions about family, it’s all in here. I miss mom is a comedy series on our channel – moonstruck dad Listen to the full series here

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  • Auckland’s eerie sky

    Auckland’s eerie sky

    Auckland is a nice place. Sometimes breezy, sometimes warm. Sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny. It’s always a natural place, whether you like it or not. But today, at around 2:00 PM, the sky wasn’t natural AT ALL. It was an orange colour usually in zombie apocalypse video games and movies. It looked…..weird. It struck me that […]

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  • Christmas Time

    Christmas Time

    It’s Christmas eve!!! I am happy to also announce that it has been over 6 months of blogging since my first post! But, to the point. Christmas is a joyful event for our family. As said in our last video, we believe in Santa. I believe in Santa. DAD believes in Santa. MUM believes in […]

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  • Bring back the books!

    Our latest original story was about books. Books are an important part of life. You can gain knowledge with books, you can be entertained, and you can pass time. Times come and go, and I remember three years back everyone I knew read. By now, people are focusing on other things like gadgets. Even I […]

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