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  • Twitter Artists

    Twitter Artists

    I have recently been exploring the world of Twitter, and apart from weird hashtags, cookie shakes and low-quality Spider Man trailer leaks, it’s pretty interesting. One cool thing me and my dad have found on the platform was a pretty decent-sized community of awesome people who don’t talk about #trending #music #videos #icantstopusinghashtags #etcetera or […]

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  • Chicken!


    (not part of ongoing story :D) Ingredients Chicken Drumstick (x6) – Marinate with turmeric Dried Red Chillies Cumin and Cumin Powder Dried Bay Leaves Coriander Powder Sugar Salt Tomato Puree Coriander Leaves Cashew Nuts Today I cooked all by myself for the FIRST TIME! It was pretty fun, and it tasted good afterwards as well! […]

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  • The Belt

    The Belt

    (THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER IN MY STORY) Hello! So, as you all may or may not know, I do Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art based on self-defence. In Jiu-Jitsu, you have a gi (your uniform), gi pants ((your uniform pants and a belt. The most important is the belt. Andddd, I left my belt there […]

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  • The Great Lake

    The Great Lake

    Snudo ran. He didn’t care about Papea anymore. Until he heard a muffled scream and gag, but it was too late. He had to accept the death of Papea. Sir Karlio was running in front of Snudo by a few meters. Snudo could feel water rushing by his bare feet. His only protection from the […]

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  • The Flood

    The Flood

    If you have no idea what this is, read my last post 🙂 – The Mysterious Post _____________________________________________________ Rain was pouring down on the rocky ground. The Great Lake in the city of Edwawor was filling up faster than anything. The raindrops were lashing aggressively on the windows of the Edwawor Holiday Home, one of […]

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  • Channels…


    A few years ago, I told my friend “Our TV box subscription is over, we don’t have channels anymore, we just watch Netflix and stuff on our TV” He replied “Wait. If you don’t have channels, you don’t have YouTube, because there is channels on YouTube, but if you have YouTube, then you have channels, […]

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  • DOAWK: The Deep End | Book Review

    DOAWK: The Deep End | Book Review

    I recently read Jeff Kinney’s new “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book, “The Deep End”. I really enjoyed the book, and here’s my review! Why did I like the book? I liked it because of the funny parts in it. I especially liked “Gettin’ Around with the Heffleys: Featuring Manny” and “Planet Greg” I like […]

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  • The Mysterious Neighbour

    The Mysterious Neighbour

    Ollie Woolman was an ordinary teenager. He had a social life and also many other ordinary teenager-like things. One Christmas, Ollies neighbourhood was participating in a Secret Santa event. Everyone had to give a random person a present without saying who they are to the person. Ollie got his neighbour, Mr. Darkwood. Mr. Darkwood never […]

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  • I am BACK!

    I am BACK!

    Hellooooooooo! I haven’t been posting for a while now. Honestly, I have no good reason for that. I guess I just got out of the habit. But here I am! Still alive, having fun, uploading on YouTube, all the good stuff. A lot of cool things have been going on though. We uploaded an epic […]

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  • Valentines Day বাংলা Hits!

    Valentines Day বাংলা Hits!

    Now, before I start this post, I have kept note that most of you reading this probably don’t know Bangla (বাংলা), so this might not really be a post you will get, but if you wish, continue reading! ______________________________________________ My dad decided that for Valentines Day, he would make a list of Bangla love songs […]

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