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The Flood

If you have no idea what this is, read my last post 🙂 – The Mysterious Post


Rain was pouring down on the rocky ground. The Great Lake in the city of Edwawor was filling up faster than anything. The raindrops were lashing aggressively on the windows of the Edwawor Holiday Home, one of the two mansions belonging to Sir Edward, the king of the town.

Sir Edward was at his other mansion, dueling with his favourite (and only) knight, Sir Karlio.

Two of the village citizens, Snudo and Papea were trading gems for valuables, in the safe shelter of the Grandore Cave, under the old castle of Sir Edward’s, where Papea lived.

Snudo could hear the rain. “We may not be safe here” he said, as he saw water dripping through a crack in the wall.

Papea scoffed. He didn’t think the rain was too much of a big deal. “50 of those for my solid gold helmet” He pointed to the emerald shards slowly falling through the gaps in Snudo’s fingers.

Before Snudo had a chance to notice and collect his valuables, Sir Karlio burst into the cave. “Move! We better go to the Great Lake, the river water is starting to flood us!”

Snudo ran. Papea called after him, saying we’d be safe in the cave. But at that moment, the crack Snudo had been watching got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and eventually the entire wall broke into two, and water streamed in.

Papea tried to run, but the Grand Bunkroom was flooded. He ran down the deck stairs and gathered some of the cave rocks to try block the flow of the water, but he failed.

The emerald shards were flying with the water, and one hit Papea in the eye.

Then a rock flew out of nowhere, and hit him square in the face.

Then it all went blank.

By Rudra

illustrator, twitter artist, co-youtuber and a professional book enjoyer - also 10 years old.