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The Great Lake

Snudo ran. He didn’t care about Papea anymore. Until he heard a muffled scream and gag, but it was too late. He had to accept the death of Papea.

Sir Karlio was running in front of Snudo by a few meters. Snudo could feel water rushing by his bare feet.

His only protection from the flood was his smashed a torn buts of leather armour, a patched up tunic and a fairly worn out and thin pair of leggings.

Water was sinking through his leggings and dripping over his ankles.

Sir Karlio and Snudo ran through a taiga forest. Snudo could see light. He felt splinters all over his heels. Where were they going?

“Quick!” Sir Karlio yelled, stunning Snudo. It was the first word he had heard since the death of Papea. Snudo could not stop thinking about Papea, even if he was a bit obnoxious. Maybe annoying. Kind of greedy.

But yet, Snudo missed him.

Eventually, they reached the light. It was another mansion-like building. A large sign in front of it said The Great Lake.

He saw an arena, going into the ground, with swords laying on the floor next to it. He was tempted to grab the diamonds near the tips of the swords, but he decided that it won’t look to elegant in front of the king of Edwawor.

“Good afternoon” said a deep voice behind Snudo, after he had been sitting near the lake skipping rocks for the last couple minutes.

Snudo turned around, and found himself face-to-face with Sir Edward himself.

By Rudra

illustrator, twitter artist, co-youtuber and a professional book enjoyer - also 10 years old.