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I have recently been exploring the world of Twitter, and apart from weird hashtags, cookie shakes and low-quality Spider Man trailer leaks, it’s pretty interesting.

One cool thing me and my dad have found on the platform was a pretty decent-sized community of awesome people who don’t talk about #trending #music #videos #icantstopusinghashtags #etcetera or rant about how they are “so annoyed” at life. Oh wait, that’s Instagram. Sorry, people.

But, the thing is, we had found the glorious and amazing ARTIST COMMUNITY OF TWITTER!

I don’t mean people like Leonardo Da Vinci (@artistdavinci by the way, it’s a real account. Pretty cool, not gonna lie) or Vincent Van Gogh (@_vincentvangogh). I mean illustrators, writers and free-time drawers. Artists are artists ;).

These art accounts are amazing. For example, illustrator Sarah McIntyre, who you may or may not have heard of (very cool person), has an account called @StudioTeaBreak, or Virtual Studio. On this account, she posts almost DAILY art challenges, and sometimes are joined by another person, who helps out with one of Sarah’s challenges (@adsaxist).

Here is the complete list of challenges for each day:

Monday: #MythicalMashup – draw a mashup of a mythical creature (or an animal or object) + a random thing. The mashup is set by Sarah.

Tuesday: Environmental #ShapeChallenge – shape chosen from the wide world by @adsaxist and you have to draw something using the shape…

Wednesday: #ShapeChallenge – like the above one but more safe for the person who sets the challenge.

Thursday: #PortraitChallenge – most fun but difficult one, you have to draw a specific portrait tweeted by Sarah. You can get pretty creative though!


Saturday/Sunday: #WeekendChallenge – sometimes but not very often set by an 12-year old on Twitter (@cfcomix). Sometimes pretty interesting and cool drawings come from the weekend challenge, but I don’t do the weekend ones much.


There are also a lot of other Twitter artists I know that I haven’t mentioned. Maybe some other day I could talk about them. But for now, I think that’s enough. Bye!

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