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The Mysterious Neighbour

Ollie Woolman was an ordinary teenager. He had a social life and also many other ordinary teenager-like things.

One Christmas, Ollies neighbourhood was participating in a Secret Santa event. Everyone had to give a random person a present without saying who they are to the person.

Ollie got his neighbour, Mr. Darkwood. Mr. Darkwood never left his house, and nobody has ever seen him since he moved here 80 years ago.

Ollie got Mr. Darkwood a book about science. He didn’t really know what Mr. Darkwood enjoyed, so yeah.

The second Ollie put down the present in front of Mr. Darkwood’s door, the door quickly opened and a bony hand snatched the present away.


That night, Ollie heard explosions coming from Mr. Darkwood’s house. Worried, he went to go investigate.

He brought a ladder out of his father’s shed and extended it until it reached one of the windows at Mr. Darkwood’s house. Ollie hoped he could get this done quickly, since it was 2:00a.m.

Ollie peeked through the window and saw a man who looked about 20 with a book about science. The man had a cauldron and was mixing liquids of many different colours together.

Then the man saw Ollie and immediately jumped into a trapdoor under him. Ollie was confused, but then the man’s head appeared through another trapdoor.

“um…Hello?” said Ollie “Are you Mr. Darkwood, who moved here 80 years ago?”

“Nah, kid. Dunno who this ol’ Darkwood fella even is. All I know is I’m 23 and I moved here last week”

Ollie thought for a moment, and he realised that there wasn’t anyone in his neighbourhood who was over 80, so they couldn’t have seen Mr. Darkwood, ever.

“Well, come in, bloke!” said the man.

Ollie wondered and asked “How do you go outside? I’ve never seen you!”

“Oh, I have my underground minecarts, gotta use them for the environment, innit?” said the man.

“What’s your name?” asked Ollie.

The answer was shocking and scary. The man said, in a cunning, evil tone “Master Lightwood”

By Rudra

illustrator, twitter artist, co-youtuber and a professional book enjoyer - also 10 years old.