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Dog Man: Grime & Punishment – Book Review

[P:C: Dav Pilkey]

Recently, I read the new Dog Man book, called Grime and Punishment. it was written by Dav Pilkey. I liked the book a lot, as it was very funny and also very interesting. This is my review of the book:

Why did I like the book?

I loved it because it’s a really funny book. My favourite part was when 80-HD, the robot, kept flying around and breaking the walls of Petey and Li’l Petey’s home, and when Petey kept shouting at him to use the door.

The illustrations are really good, and I especially liked the colouring on the cover and in the first chapter.

Which characters appealed to me the most?

My favourite characters were The Incorrigible “CRUD” and the Lunch Bag of Motor Brain. The way CRUD talks and the way that the Lunch Bag gets scared of people drawing on him make the book really funny and great.

Is this book suitable for all readers?

I’d say the book is suitable for readers 7 and above.

Am I interested in reading more books by the same author?

I’ve read all of Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man books, and I hope to review them. But I still want to read his other 10-book series, Captain Underpants!

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