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The One and Only


It’s been a long week. We have been moving house, and that, as many of you may know, takes a long, long, LONG time. Our new house is pretty great though. In this post, i’ll talk to you about us moving house!

The good parts

The good parts about moving are that now we have a very natural kind of view out of the windows, with trees all around. I also like that we now have a lot more space, since this house is WAY bigger than our old one.

I love that I can just walk to school now, since it’s just around the corner. So yeah, there are a lot of good parts about this, but here come…

The bad parts

As I said earlier, there are a lot of good parts about moving. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any bad parts, though. Until this afternoon, our home was filled with empty boxes on top of more empty boxes and the occasional full box.

Now, these boxes are bad enough, because they are pretty big. But the real pain is throwing those boxes away. You see, everyone has to carry their rubbish to their local rubbish bin at least once a year (if you only do it once a year, well, try do it more often). Anyway, we had to do those with our boxes too. That was a real pain because as I said earlier, those boxes are pretty big.

The final parts

Ok, so that’s all done. The good parts, tick! The bad parts, tick! Now, what happened after that was all done. We really like the house anyway, so I guess it’s all’s well that ends well!


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