It’s 2021! 2020 has actually been a (kind of…) amazing year. So much has happened! We made a video talking about some of the things we achieved in relation to moonstruck dad last year:

It was a bad year. Unless you were living under a rock, you would know about the whole virus going around. But it wasn’t so bad.

Think about what we all achieved during lockdown.

We reached great lengths. A Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, went from 1 million subscribers to 15 million subscribers

A lot of entertainers helped us get through lockdown happily.

And a LOT of people started doing very, very productive things.

So, in some ways this virus may have helped us. It sucked, yeah, but it helped us come together and do good for the world…through Zoom.

But seriously, in 2020 a bunch of cool things happened.

I hope you all will stay following in 2021, but bye for now!

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