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FunAddict’s Favourite Songs

When we started our “moonstruck dad” podcast, we also downloaded Spotify (and no, not so that we could give our podcast free downloads). We’ve been listening to a lot of music on the platform as well, be it Hindi or Bengali songs, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, or some tracks I listen to while playing […]

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It’s 2021! 2020 has actually been a (kind of…) amazing year. So much has happened! We made a video talking about some of the things we achieved in relation to moonstruck dad last year: It was a bad year. Unless you were living under a rock, you would know about the whole virus going around. […]

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It’s Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! It’s time for trick-or-treating, candy, friends, costumes and pumpkin carving! This year, the Chocolate Monster talked about Halloween too! His business in scares is really booming, and he has a lot of work at this time of year. Even with all that, he managed to find a slot for his next interview. […]

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Stay safe online 🔎

As children we need to be careful about our online safety and so it is useful to the remember a few important things as we use the internet to play games, watch videos etc. Most gaming organisations have a safety centre. Look at the safety centres with your parent and together learn how to use […]

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Earth Day! 🌏

Hello all! Happy Earth Day! Today, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day is celebrated by us, in a creation! Also, huge shoutout to Google, for their #50YearsOfEarthDay doodle game! It’s actually super fun, and about bees! So, if you enjoy that sort of thing, like me, you can go ahead and click here! We also […]

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Caterpillar Horror! 🐛 (ft. Mario)

We created a new animation on YouTube and Twitter, which is a caterpillar chase! The animation also has a special guest…SUPER MARIO! Not just any Mario though…1985 MARIO! Yes, we took a trip back to the past, to the 80s, where gathering actually existed! It seems so long since i’ve been somewhere which isn’t the […]

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Mar10 Day!

It was Mar10 day yesterday! cartoon:

Gaming Movies

Gaming movies ranked from best to worst

The 2020’s is a busy year for video game movies. The Sonic movie is coming out on February, Minecraft is on March 2022 and Illumination’s Mario Bros animated movie is also coming out sometime in the 20’s. To celebrate this, we organised a list! Be sure to watch our recommendations! 5: Detective Pikáchu (2019) The […]


Best things about Detective Pikáchu

Detective Pikáchu is a film about Tim Goodman and his quest to find his father. Here is a breakdown of best things in the film. Cute pikáchu Pikáchu would be the cutest Pokémon ever anyway, but this…just…gives his cuteness an overload. From the cutie pika-pika voice (Not compliment to Ryan Renolds, although he does deserve […]