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Stay safe online 🔎

As children we need to be careful about our online safety and so it is useful to the remember a few important things as we use the internet to play games, watch videos etc.

  • Most gaming organisations have a safety centre. Look at the safety centres with your parent and together learn how to use the tools available that keep you safe.
  • Discuss together how to block cyberbullies and bad people, how to report content and how to use the privacy settings.
  • Learn with your parents how to capture screenshots or URLs in case something goes wrong and this information is needed.
  • Please do not share either your or your parents accounts, especially passwords, address, birthdate, bank details, school details, locations, security questions without discussing with your parents first.
  • Please talk to your parents about your online activities. This will only help you and keep you safe. These days, most unpleasant things happen through internet. Even if you think you are safe, you may not be. That is why, it is important to discuss these things with your parents.
  • Please remember platforms such as YouTube has YouTube kids for a reason – to keep their contents bullyfree and most suitable for kids. Please use YouTube kids to watch videos unless supervised by a parent. Even our videos are “made for kids” and my dad makes them with me and manages all our online presence.
  • Be respectful and kind online. Like in real life, please be careful in interacting with strangers online either on blogs, review websites or videos.

Be as safe as you can online and discuss what suits your family with your parents.


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