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The One and Only

My blogging anniversary!

It has been 1 year since I started this blog.

For me, this is nuts. Like, as I said in a previous post, talking about this, I remember the day I wrote my first post (click here for the absolute SHORTEST thing you’ve ever read) and also the massive site redesign when we were in India. It is amazing to know that I have been writing down stuff here for a year, and getting appreciation for it as well. Thanks to all of you 71 people that are following my blog, and many more that are reading my posts, thank you, because I know some of you have been sticking around for a while now.

Me and my dad started this website together on this very chair, maybe not on the same cushion, but it is amazing to sit on this right. now, I can tell you.

I love this blog, and I will be here for as long as possible, so thank you, and let’s go for a decade now!


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