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(not part of ongoing story :D) Ingredients Chicken Drumstick (x6) – Marinate with turmeric Dried Red Chillies Cumin and Cumin Powder Dried Bay Leaves Coriander Powder Sugar Salt Tomato Puree Coriander Leaves Cashew Nuts Today I cooked all by myself for the FIRST TIME! It was pretty fun, and it tasted good afterwards as well! […]

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Yesterday, we watched a movie called Solo (available on Netflix and Amazon Prime). It is a movie which is actually four short films that are completely unrelated to each other. I only watched two of the short films, but this is about the first one. The first short film is about a dad and his […]

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My blogging anniversary!

It has been 1 year since I started this blog. For me, this is nuts. Like, as I said in a previous post, talking about this, I remember the day I wrote my first post (click here for the absolute SHORTEST thing you’ve ever read) and also the massive site redesign when we were in […]

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Almost time to celebrate!

I know that I made a post like this not long ago when I was at 97 posts or so. But…I am almost at 1 year, and I repeat, 1 YEAR, of blogging on this very site. It feels so weird, you know? I remember the day of the blog’s creation, the day of the […]

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Sing a song!

The dad and son continue to bring happiness all around the world by singing an imperfect lockdown song. You can even try sing along! The song is about how we are all together and we are all strong. Enjoy!

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Almost 100 posts! (yay!)

Hello everybody! I have this blog for almost a year now, and I am super excited to announce that I am almost at 100 blog posts! I can’t believe we are already here, and if you’re looking for proof, look no more!: Also, thank you for getting me to almost 600 likes as well, in […]

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On the radio

Our book is available on various Amazon sites, including in India. Soon a paperback copy will be available as well. As you know, our book has been released. We sent a little brochure to some local news magazines and radio stations and asked them to promote our book and YouTube channel. Soon, we got a response […]

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Brain bag (🧠 + 🎒)

We sometimes look around on YouTube for inspiration. Sometimes we find “normal” (very strange) things on the site. “What is in my bag?” is one of the many popular series on YouTube. We thought that we could make it into a metaphor for your brain (as in “brain bag”). We use it to refer to […]

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I miss mom – Our mini-series

We write about anything we can come up with. Recently, we did a mini-series. Setting rules, mystery solving, being lazy and having discussions about family, it’s all in here. I miss mom is a comedy series on our channel – moonstruck dad Listen to the full series here

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Pixel aritist

Art can be hard. Sometimes impossible. You sit at that table, in front of your computer, draw a scribble, and sit. Wait for your work to turn into a masterpiece. It’s not gonna happen. You know that. Maybe take a break, get on your computer, go to this post, click on this link, and make […]