On the radio

Our book is available on various Amazon sites, including in India. Soon a paperback copy will be available as well.

As you know, our book has been released.

We sent a little brochure to some local news magazines and radio stations and asked them to promote our book and YouTube channel. Soon, we got a response from a radio station called HUMM 106.2 FM. We actually listen to this radio station quite a lot, because it’s an Indian radio station.

When I first heard the news, I thought it was a prank. But later, my dad showed me the email as clear as day. It was amazing to see we came so far.

I thought I would be using some Google Translate for this interview, but my dad just told the interviewer that I don’t speak Hindi.

We talked about lots of stuff on the interview, and listened to some songs as well.

Later, when we were going home, the interviewer, on her show, actually mentioned us again before she started the next part of it. It just feels so nice!