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Yesterday, we watched a movie called Solo (available on Netflix and Amazon Prime). It is a movie which is actually four short films that are completely unrelated to each other. I only watched two of the short films, but this is about the first one.

The first short film is about a dad and his daughter. The daughter has a disease, because of which she will lose her eyesight at the age of 7 or 8.

The dad makes it his mission to show his daughter all the beautiful mountains, rivers and beaches of India before she loses her eyesight.

This got me and my dad thinking “It must be so hard to be blind. We are privileged to have so many things that we take for granted, such as our eyes.”

So, I put together a list of things I am grateful for, which a lot of other people don’t have the privilege to do.


Being able to see and enjoy the beautiful nature.


Family and whatever little money we have – There’s a thing called poverty, which means that the people who are “in poverty” don’t have much money, and, sadly, most of the time do not have any family either. Even though our family doesn’t have too much money, and can’t afford a lot of things we all may want, I believe that it is good enough to eat food and have a roof over our head.


Being able to see my friends; In New Zealand, where I live, there is currently no lockdown and fewer than 100 active COVID cases (53, to be exact). This means that we are legally allowed to meet people. Well, we can’t leave NZ, but we are allowed to travel domestically. But there are some countries where cases are over 10K, maybe even MILLIONS and they all can’t see the people they know & love.


The amount of gadgets we use on a DAILY BASIS; Did you know that you, yes, you reading this, are VERY LUCKY? You’ve got your own device or gadget that you are reading this on right now. Do you feel lucky now? You should.


My mum works for a charity called Family for Every Child. You can donate some money to children in need by just clicking this link and donating. Even if you donate some money as low as $7, you’ll be supporting a good cause.

Thank you for reading this post. If you feel like it now, you can get a piece of scrap paper, a pencil, and start writing your own grateful list! If you want to, you can post a pic of it on Twitter and tag us (@DadMoonstruck). We’ll be sure to read it!

By Rudra

illustrator, twitter artist, co-youtuber and a professional book enjoyer - also 10 years old.