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  • My blogging anniversary!

    My blogging anniversary!

    It has been 1 year since I started this blog. For me, this is nuts. Like, as I said in a previous post, talking about this, I remember the day I wrote my first post (click here for the absolute SHORTEST thing you’ve ever read) and also the massive site redesign when we were in […]

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  • Almost time to celebrate!

    Almost time to celebrate!

    I know that I made a post like this not long ago when I was at 97 posts or so. But…I am almost at 1 year, and I repeat, 1 YEAR, of blogging on this very site. It feels so weird, you know? I remember the day of the blog’s creation, the day of the […]

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  • Stop Motion Animators!

    Stop Motion Animators!

    WOW! We are STOP MOTION ANIMATORS now! Today we created two animations and they turned out AMAZING! During this lockdown it’s a time where you can get creative and make some awesome stuff! We used an app called Stop Motion Studio to take pictures and convert them to video. Stop Motion Studio is an amazing […]

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  • Gangsters

    [moonstruck dad is now on Twitter! Please follow us 🐦] This nostalgic trip to Calcutta involves gangsters. Well, not really gangsters. More of a crazy guy. From lone protests to mad blessings, this video has it all. I present to you…….CALCUTTA DAYS EPISODE 4!!!!

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  • Christmas Time

    Christmas Time

    It’s Christmas eve!!! I am happy to also announce that it has been over 6 months of blogging since my first post! But, to the point. Christmas is a joyful event for our family. As said in our last video, we believe in Santa. I believe in Santa. DAD believes in Santa. MUM believes in […]

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  • Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

    [“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!!!” Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas!] Christmas is near, and we thought that we should make our Calcutta Days episode festive. We created factual/fictional story about Kolkata Night Guards (a group of people that catch thieves and goons, formed my my granddad and some neighbours […]

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  • Be the lucky 50th! 🎉

    There was one day when my dad and I celebrated having ten subscribers. It makes me so happy that we have come as far as 48 subscribers. If you read this post, take an offer into consideration. Two people will choose themselves to be the 49th and 50th subscribers! I am really happy to see […]

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  • Calcutta Days

    During our India trip this year, I have learnt a lot of things about Kolkata (or Calcutta). One of the things I learnt were that the name “Calcutta” was changed to “Kolkata” during the 1980’s-90’s. With this recording, we have started an original series we call: Calcutta Days. This is the normal father-son story experience […]

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  • Following passions

    Recently, my father started his YouTube channel. He has been wanting to create a channel for a few months, and I feel pretty happy for him since he fulfilled what he wanted to do, since he used to, (and still does!), make videos with me and him on our tablet. His first video was a […]

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  • Kalighat

    Every time we go to India, we visit our ancestral home in Kalighat. Our house in Kalighat is an important part of our family. My grandfather grew up in that house. Kalighat is famous for Kali Temple. It is a very densely populated area in South Kolkata. Kalighat is home to my “mishtikaka” (my uncle), […]

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