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School camp is an amazing thing that I am sure most of you have experienced at least once in your lifetime. I love the sleeping bags, bunk beds, cabins, activities and all of it! Today I will be talking about my recent experience of school camp!


It all starts on the 23d of September. This was the day we arrived at camp. We took the bus to our location at around 1:30pm.

My friends and I were in the bus, chatting. It was quite a short drive (around 30-45 mins) to the camp, and once we got there, we went to the hall, the main building.

We had a bit of afternoon tea and then went to check out our cabins. They were quite nice, actually! The bunks seemed quite comfortable.

Then we got into our activity teams (a.k.a. our “day groups”) and we went out for our first activity of the camp; the flying fox. It was so high! The flying fox was quite a thrill to go on.

After the flying fox, we had a bit of free time, where we could hang out with our friends and play some cards or board games.

Then we had a night activity, where we had to find an object without being caught by the teachers, who were wielding a flashlight. If the flashlight got flashed at us, we had to restart.

Then, at the end of the day we had dinner, a shower and we went to sleep.


This was the only full day at camp! We woke up at just before 7:00am and we tidied our cabins a bit. We then went up for breakfast, where I got to see my friends and talk a bit too. We later went back down and went into our activity teams again for the second activity at camp!

Our second activity was trolley carts; a build-your-own-wooden-cart game! Then, before lunch we did our third activity: archery! This was by far my favourite activity we did at camp!

Then we had lunch: hamburgers! It was delicious and didn’t affect our next activity, which was a scavenger hunt across the camp! Our last activity of the day was Rock Climbing. Our team set a record there for a while, of who completed the most, but was broken on Friday the 25th.

After our activities, we had some free time! It was dinner soon after that and we had our second night game! This time it was a Burma trail, where our activity team had to walk through the woods, holding onto a rope, without a flashlight! It was kinda scary, but it was mostly fun!

We then went to sleep.


On Friday, we had our last activities at camp! I was really excited! In the morning, we first had breakfast, and then went straight into kayaking.

After that, we had some morning tea, and we did an activity all together (not in our activity teams) called Rainbow Tag, where we had to find good teachers, who painted colours on our arms, and avoid bad ones, who tried to wipe our colours off with wet cloths!

We then had lunch and left for home.

So, that was camp! It was an epic experience and it was one of the best experiences in my life! I loved every bit of it and I really want to do it again!

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D