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It’s Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! It’s time for trick-or-treating, candy, friends, costumes and pumpkin carving! This year, the Chocolate Monster talked about Halloween too! His business in scares is really booming, and he has a lot of work at this time of year. Even with all that, he managed to find a slot for his next interview. […]

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School camp is an amazing thing that I am sure most of you have experienced at least once in your lifetime. I love the sleeping bags, bunk beds, cabins, activities and all of it! Today I will be talking about my recent experience of school camp! 23/09/2020 It all starts on the 23d of September. […]

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Short stroll

Today we went out for lunch at Newmarket. We went to a diner called Tucks & Bao. We ordered three baos, and a box of chips. The waiter accidentally ordered two baos, though, so we ended up waiting longer than expected. After we got the food, we ate it (of course). The bao was good, […]

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I know I haven’t been writing for a while. I have noticed that I haven’t really remembered all about Auckland, which is significantly weird, since I was born here. One of the things I kept in mind is not well known at India, is called trick-or-treating. For the few who might not know what trick-or-treating […]

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A couple of days ago, we went to have lunch out. We went to a popular restaurant in our area, named Hanglaatherium (Hangla, for short). The place had a great atmosphere, and I realized that immediately. Looking at the painted wall of the building, I realized that this was more than food. It was great […]

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India #9: Rolls

Rolls are the joy of Calcutta. We find rolls in street markets, restaurants, online food ordering apps, and other places as well. Rolls are a common delight for the Bengal citizens, since it’s what they are famous for. We had rolls for a light snack earlier today, and they were great! The onions, chili flakes, […]

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India #8: The Cake Shop

Yesterday, we found a unique cake at a cake shop. It wasn’t as thick as a normal cake, it was circle, and had cheese and black olives on it. It was a pizza-cake! My parents brought the pizza-cake home, and surprised me with it. It tasted like a sweet plain cheese pizza. Today, we are […]

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India #7: The Friendly Community

Hello, and welcome to another travel diary! Today, I will tell you the most unique thing about India. The unique thing where everyone in one certain space, gathers together to eat (also known as community dining). We have such community dining in our building, Mecon Tower. One of the most beautiful things about Bengal is […]

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India #4: Street Shopping

In India, street shopping is one of the most common things people do. There are stores pretty much everywhere, and people blare their horns to get to the right place on the car. I didn’t mention, though, that some of the stalls aren’t very nice (for example, those that sell meat on the street markets). […]

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India #2: Sounds of Music, and the taste of tradition

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the second FUNADDICT travel diary! Starting……..yesterday night! A few hours ago, at about 8 at night, my grandmother performed on stage underneath our building. She sang songs, along with a few other ladies living at Mecon Tower. I taped some of the songs they performed […]