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India #7: The Friendly Community

Hello, and welcome to another travel diary! Today, I will tell you the most unique thing about India. The unique thing where everyone in one certain space, gathers together to eat (also known as community dining). We have such community dining in our building, Mecon Tower.

One of the most beautiful things about Bengal is the locals passion towards food. The markets sell fish, meat, fizzy, and more! But dining all together is wonderful. You really get to know everyone, and they would end up liking you, as the community in India is very nice. Some people take pictures of you, persuade you to do something if you aren’t up for it, make you feel important, crack jokes, and more! That is what I like about India. You never run out of compliments from others, and for others.

The dining experience that is downstairs is really nice. Once you are walking down there, the smell hits you right away, which is also the smell of a scrumptious buffet. It’s simple to use the buffet: you take a plate, you take a glass, you stand in line, and the people standing behind the buffet table will serve the food the way you want it.

After that, you will have to sit at a table, with lots to sit at. This small room certainly has a lot to offer! You sit at the table, then dig in (the food, not the table). Others would come by and sit with you, and the Happiness Express chugs it’s way to the [enter name here]’s Mind Station. You afterwards, you have to clean the rest of your plate into a bin, and put the plates back in a pile. After that, you can just tuck in, or dream happily about the friendly community.

The next day, something restricted to only the four days of Puja, which sadly end today, is the sound of waking up to three of the local men playing drums and cymbals. You can wake up, look outside into the beautiful 5:45 AM sunrise, and squint just a tiny bit to see a small part of the local Kolkata mall, South City, and look at all the nice people in the cars maybe, or on the street, opening their stalls, or outside, looking at the sunrise with their other friends. At that moment, time freezes. The beautiful day carries on forever, whether it’s raining, pouring, boiling, freezing, or a pinch too hot, it will still always be just right! See you!

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D