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My best pixel art yet!

Hello 😀 Just now, I drew a piece of pixel art online, which I think is amazing! The topic might be a bit hard to understand, but I hope you like the drawing. This drawing, as I said, is quite hard to understand, but I think it’s really good, and I hope you observe it […]

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More pixels for you to enjoy!

Hello! WELCOME to another pixel art showcase! Today I created an artwork of an emoji that is kind of like those shiny emoji icons you find on sticker apps, but this one says hello! For more small pixel artworks, stay tuned!

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Yesterday, we participated for 3 hours in Steven Lenton‘s #24HOURDRAWATHON, where the artist drew characters from his books for 24 hours straight! It was super fun to draw along with him LIVE on his Facebook page and he was fundraising for a charitable fund in the UK. He raised over 5000 pounds! Watch all our […]

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Authors PARADE (Interview)

This morning, we had an interview with BOOKWHIG, for the Authors Parade, as I mentioned in my last post. Without any further ado, here is the whole interview!: BOOKWHIG – Welcome to BOOKWHIG’s #AuthorsParade moonstruck dad – Hello. How are you all. BOOKWHIG – Tell us little about yourself. moonstruck dad – I am originally from India but currently […]

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Pixel art is back!

Sitting at home today reminded me of the Pixilart website that I used to draw pixel art on. I haven’t opened that website since the 14th of January. So when I reopened it, all the memories came back to me. I made a little drawing and I changed the drawing into my WordPress profile picture […]

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Old drawings

I have been making drawings for a living. No, seriously. I have scrolled to the top of our Photos app to find a bunch of old drawings made by me that I don’t even remember. Obviously, now I draw even more, with pixel art, random drawings, and best of all….. moonstruck dad!!!!!!!! So yeah, I […]

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Pixel aritist

Art can be hard. Sometimes impossible. You sit at that table, in front of your computer, draw a scribble, and sit. Wait for your work to turn into a masterpiece. It’s not gonna happen. You know that. Maybe take a break, get on your computer, go to this post, click on this link, and make […]