Authors PARADE (Interview)

This morning, we had an interview with BOOKWHIG, for the Authors Parade, as I mentioned in my last post. Without any further ado, here is the whole interview!:

BOOKWHIG – Welcome to BOOKWHIG’s #AuthorsParade

moonstruck dad – Hello. How are you all.

BOOKWHIG – Tell us little about yourself.

moonstruck dad – I am originally from India but currently living in New Zealand with my wife and 9 year old son. I was always interested in writing and wrote as a child.

BOOKWHIG – What inspired you to start writing?

moonstruck dad – I just have lot of stories to tell from my childhood, real life experiences. These days, I write to make myself and my son happy. I feel in the current world the least we could do is to make kids smile. If our stories and videos help, so be it.

BOOKWHIG – What impact does your writing have on your son?

moonstruck dad – He is a very creative child himself. From his early childhood he used to draw endlessly. I feel our collaboration enhances his creativity. It also brings us closer as we live far away from our extended family back in India.

BOOKWHIG – What are some of the activities that you do together with your son?

moonstruck dad – We write, draw/paint, do voice-over videos on our YouTube channel, create comics/cartoon on Twitter, try and learn animation from internet other than playing outdoor sports when we can.

BOOKWHIG – Who chose the name for the series?

moonstruck dad – I did. One moonlit evening we were trying out different names and I realised how overwhelmed I was when I became a dad and that is how the word, ‘moonstruck’ came about. Having said that nothing is finalised till Rudra, my son approves.

BOOKWHIG – Why did you decide to write the book Moonstruck Dad, Monster Hunting, The Chocolate Monster, Monster at the Cemetery?

moonstruck dad – We love monsters & we love chocolates too. That is how Chocolate Monster was created. Both the stories have valuable lessons in them wrapped in entertainment. While Chocolate Monster is our favourite character, the other story intends to promote reading in kids.

BOOKWHIG – How did you decide which names to give to your characters?

moonstruck dad – Dad/son in the story (or our videos) are nameless. They can be any father/son duo. The name Chocolate Monster came naturally – funnily as we were arguing at home about having too much chocolates!

BOOKWHIG – What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

moonstruck dad – I know we have relevant content since we talk about real issues kids/parents face through a kid’s voice. But self-publishing is expensive, especially for first timers such as me. Then marketing as well. Your effort is a help. thanks.

BOOKWHIG – You are welcome.

BOOKWHIG – How is the feedback from children and parents?

moonstruck dad – Initial feedback is good. We were invited to a local radio station to speak about parenting & were also covered in local newspaper . We have plans to do a launch at Rudra’s school someday. However, we would love the book to sell more.

BOOKWHIG – How many books have you written?

moonstruck dad – When I was much younger, I have written short stories in newspapers, books and journals (not for kids) back in India. Took a long writing break and now re-inventing myself with my first ever children’s book series. This is the first of hopefully more to come.

BOOKWHIG – What genre do you write?

moonstruck dad – At the moment focussing on kid’s literature for ages 7 to 12.

BOOKWHIG – Where can readers purchase your books?

moonstruck dad –The book can be downloaded and purchased on AMAZON & Barnes & Noble. Within New Zealand, we can sell some signed copies as well.

BOOKWHIG – Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

moonstruck dad – Let’s please promote kids happiness & their art. Our efforts via the book or on YouTube and Twitter is for kids. We welcome all parents to join & talk about it and help to together build a happy world for kids.

BOOKWHIG – Thank you very much for joining us and we wish you all the best.

moonstruck dad – Thank you for speaking to us. Rudra & I really appreciate it. Look forward to interacting with all your readers more & having loads of fun.

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