Art Nostalgia

Old drawings

I have been making drawings for a living. No, seriously. I have scrolled to the top of our Photos app to find a bunch of old drawings made by me that I don’t even remember. Obviously, now I draw even more, with pixel art, random drawings, and best of all…..

moonstruck dad!!!!!!!!

So yeah, I do A LOT of drawing.

Drawing for me is like, well, whenever you’re bored…draw. Whenever you are feeling like letting out something…draw. Whenever you feel like drawing…DRAW! HAVE YOU BEEN FOLLOWING ALONG?! Ok, I’ll calm down. But have you?

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D