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Brain bag (🧠 + 🎒)

We sometimes look around on YouTube for inspiration. Sometimes we find “normal” (very strange) things on the site. “What is in my bag?” is one of the many popular series on YouTube. We thought that we could make it into a metaphor for your brain (as in “brain bag”). We use it to refer to […]

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Pixel aritist

Art can be hard. Sometimes impossible. You sit at that table, in front of your computer, draw a scribble, and sit. Wait for your work to turn into a masterpiece. It’s not gonna happen. You know that. Maybe take a break, get on your computer, go to this post, click on this link, and make […]

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Unlikely Love

This video, we are taking on a matter with a large amount of seriousness……..BEDS!!!!! No, really. If you don’t spend time with your bed, you will face the consequences! What makes a little boy want to spend time with his bed once more? What does a bed have to say about not so great things? […]

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Be the lucky 50th! 🎉

There was one day when my dad and I celebrated having ten subscribers. It makes me so happy that we have come as far as 48 subscribers. If you read this post, take an offer into consideration. Two people will choose themselves to be the 49th and 50th subscribers! I am really happy to see […]

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The Secret of the Unicorn

Yesterday, I finished watching the 2011 movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. In my opinion, the film is very underrated. It starts off with a Hergé cameo appearance as a painter. The thing I like about this very scene is the original Tintin drawing that the artist makes, and when Hergé […]

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Spooks on paper (or a Mac)

Last night, I finished writing my story, and added the finished title: Under. Under is the story of 16-year old Dawson Hawke and his adventure down under a creek that is believed to be haunted. This is the story: Under: A Horror Story By Rudra Chakrabarti The creek was always a big mystery of the […]

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Comical reaction

Tonight, we created a video of a book called “Tintin: The Blue Lotus”. This was an especially hard video to make. I was about to give up. However, I was motivated to get it right. I mean, who gets annoyed because they can’t make a decent voice recording (everyone), but seriously! I had to do […]

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Every time we go to India, we visit our ancestral home in Kalighat. Our house in Kalighat is an important part of our family. My grandfather grew up in that house. Kalighat is famous for Kali Temple. It is a very densely populated area in South Kolkata. Kalighat is home to my “mishtikaka” (my uncle), […]

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Later we return

Tomorrow we set off for our trip back to New Zealand. Our travels have been fun. I met new people, and saw family after two years. Every two years, one couple from our family come to Auckland, or we go to India. In Ranchi, I found it funny seeing almost everyone know each other. Teghoria, […]

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A thing or two about everything

Today we went to Birla Industrial & Technological Museum (BITM), a science museum in Kolkata. I really enjoyed my visit to such a nice science museum. I have never visited a science museum before (there is probably none of this nature in entire New Zealand!) and that is why the experience was so great. LEVEL […]