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Buddy Says – Book Review

Buy “Buddy Says” by clicking on this link

“Buddy Says” by Pooja Rai is a book about confidence building that will make kids (as well as probably grown-ups!) motivated. The book is available to buy on Amazon and I will be reviewing it here:

Why did I like the book?

I liked the book because of various reasons.

The design of the book is beautiful. The book touches upon a topic very close to my (and my father’s) heart. If you have followed our YouTube channel you will see we have done lot of videos on Mental Health, Resilience etc and “Buddy Says” motivates and encourages kids in very simple language. Language that kids will easily relate to.

It asks kids not to give up and try again. It has a positive message that can make children feel better about themselves, and learn that they are good just the way they are.

Which characters appealed to me the most?

Buddy, the friend who motivates you, was my favourite character. He is a good person, and is telling the reader that they are as well. Buddy can be anyone – your friend, your parents, family, teachers and even you, yourself when you look into the mirror.

Is this book suitable for all readers?

Yes. This book is very short, and yet delivers a powerful message that I am sure people of all ages can relate to. Parents can read it to younger children, and kids around the age of 4 can read it independently.

Am I interested in reading more books by the same author?

I really want to read Pooja Rai’s other book, The Extraordinary.


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