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The Willoughbys – Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched the Netflix original movie called “The Willoughbys”. It was a really funny comedy movie, and here is my review! (spoiler alert):

The Willoughbys is a comedy film for ages 7 and above. The film is really great and you can find it on Netflix. The narrator is a cat 😀

The story is about 4 kids, one is a boy called Tim, another a girl called Jane, and two twins both named Barnaby. Their parents are very selfish, and barely give them anything.

One day, the Jane and the Barnabys find an orphaned baby on their doorstep. They bring him in, and at first Tim doesn’t approve. Soon, the parents find out, and kick them all out until the baby is gone. They then leave the baby in a candy factory, in the care of the owner.

The kids hatch a plan to be left home alone, and that is to make their parents go on a holiday. They created a fake holiday brochure that said “No Children Allowed”, since the children wanted to stay home.

The parents left, and they enjoyed it. But soon, a nanny came to their house, and apparently was hired by their parents. At first, again, Tim didn’t enjoy it, but soon he started to realise that the nanny wasn’t as bad as he thought.

The nanny and kids soon went to visit the candy man at the factory and the baby, and they all became very good friends. The candy man explained that he took care of the baby, and loved it. He thought

The parents later texted the nanny that they will sell their house, and the nanny replied “I will take care of the children”. Tim thought that the nanny was going to do bad things to them, and he called Orphan Services, and said that there was a “bad nanny” taking care of them.

He soon realised that the nanny meant it in a different way, but it was too late. They were separated into different families. Tim kept running away from his families and was at the Orphan Services centre. The cat, who is the narrator, came to the nanny with Tim’s hat, convincing her to reunite all the children.

They realise that the children will be orphans until their parents come back from their holiday. They build a giant candy dirigible, and fly to where the parents are, in “Sveetzerlünd”, and to be even more certain, scaling the “unclimbable Alps”. The children find the parents, and ask them to come back. The parents leave with the dirigible, but accidentally crash. The children are then left in the cold until the nanny, candy man and baby come to rescue them. The nanny and candy man adopt the kids and the baby, and it all ends happily ever after.

The movie is also based on a book.

I rate the movie:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The nanny’s name is Linda

The candy man’s name is Melanoff

The baby’s name is Ruth

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