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My Raccoon Family – Book Review

Yesterday, I finished reading a e-book (that IS available on hardcover and paperback) called My Raccoon Family by Margaret Churchill.

The story is about a couple with three cats. One day, they find a raccoon in their backyard! The raccoon gives birth to a few baby raccoons (who are called kits, by the way). The story is about the couple, the cats and the raccoons. The story talks about how these people live happily as a family by learning about each other.

Why did I like the book?

I liked it because it was a nice story and also had some interesting facts about raccoons. It teaches you about how one can live happily even if they are different from each other. The illustrations are fabulous. I loved how realistic the raccoons looked. They looked funny and innocent on the cover. The book was also short and sweet 🙂 . I was pleasantly surprised that the story is based on real life experience of the author!

Which characters appealed to me the most?

My favourite characters were the family cats, because they reacted so hilariously to the raccoons. It was also really funny when one of the cats, Sheba, asks the narrator “What are those?” referring to the raccoons.

Is this book suitable for all readers?

The book will be more entertaining and appealing for ages 5 and above. However, if parents read this book to younger children, they would love the story as well. The illustrations will be attractive to everyone. Even my father loved the illustrations.

Am I interested in reading more books by the same author?

I’m looking forward to see more books written by the author Margaret Churchill!

I won’t spoil the book for anyone with more details, so you can enjoy it more.

My rating is:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D