India #2: Sounds of Music, and the taste of tradition

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the second FUNADDICT travel diary! Starting……..yesterday night!

A few hours ago, at about 8 at night, my grandmother performed on stage underneath our building. She sang songs, along with a few other ladies living at Mecon Tower. I taped some of the songs they performed using a phone, and took some pictures. Once again, sorry that I can’t put the pictures in. There were also two instruments. One was a synthesizer, and the other, a harmonium. The songs were great, and I am proud of my grandmother. I heard her singing quite a lot in the performance: it was nice and loud. My grandfather also recorded it, but sadly the video didn’t record the singing. I made a 2-minute video. After that, I went back upstairs to send the videos to my extended family. Then, at 9, we went back down to have dinner. We ate traditional food, one was called Luchi. I can’t remember the others, sadly. But I recommend you try Luchi, it’s delicious! Anyways, see you soon in the next…..


One response to “India #2: Sounds of Music, and the taste of tradition”

  1. […] that’s something. We saw the giant-housed world, another great thing. My grandfather and grandmother’s functions were another thing I saw. Funny voice recording names, pizza-flavored cakes, and more. […]


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