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Spooks on paper (or a Mac)

Last night, I finished writing my story, and added the finished title: Under. Under is the story of 16-year old Dawson Hawke and his adventure down under a creek that is believed to be haunted. This is the story:

Under: A Horror Story

By Rudra Chakrabarti

The creek was always a big mystery of the town. Every man, woman and child who went to see it, never came back. The last person to go missing was a man named Reggae Jones. Reggae had gone missing over 10 years ago, and nobody had gone to the lake ever since. Now, this one day, a 16-year old boy named Dawson Hawke, wanted to see the creek. His father warned against, but he said “I’ll be fine, Father, and that is because I am a brave man”. He walked on to the creek, and was asked quite a few times about why he was going to the creek, and some nosy reporter even joked about Dawson giving him the full story if he makes it! Finally, as Dawson neared the creek and bushwhacked his way through all the tall grass grown to forbid townsfolk to go towards the area, and perhaps cover it up. But Dawson was old enough to understand where the creek was when Reggae went missing. When he finally reached the creek, he stared in horror at the water; there was still liquid blood around. “No turning back” he muttered to himself, got into his diving suit, and jumped in. As soon as he jumped in, he regretted his curiosity. There was a severed hand on the sand. He saw a hole, and he squeezed in. “Ow!” he cried, as his leg slid through the hole. Then he realised it. He wasn’t alone. He heard breathing, echoing along the rock wall. He crawled his way through the tunnel, and saw a trapdoor. He pushed, with all his might, and managed to break off one of the hinges. “Who goes there?” a deep voice suddenly shouted. Another voice said, “Master Reggae, you are positive there is someone there…”. “Yes, I am positive!” the deep voice yelled back “I, Reggae Jones, am positive!” Dawson was breathing heavily “Reggae Jones” he thought “Reggae Jones, the man that brought fear into everybody?”. Slowly, Dawson crouched under the door, and went to the other side. The other side was homey, as there was a bearskin rug, a ceiling aquarium, and a full-fledged fireplace. Suddenly, something eerie happened. The lights were out, and there was no sound apart from the tapping of the creaking trapdoor. “Who are you?!” Reggae gruffly asked. Dawson could see that Reggae looked a lot different from the missing posters from over ten years ago. He now had a white, scruffy beard, instead of the bright shade of auburn it used to be. He was also holding a shiny dagger. “Um-hi, er…, sir” stammered Dawson. He was half in the belief that this was all a dream. There was suddenly a slithering noise. A black and red snake slid into the room. Dawson ran to the trapdoor, but the snake had wrapped his leg. “Youuu” he hissed “youuuu shouldn’t be here” Dawson gasped. There were more snakes. They had Mr. Jones tied in a rope. Suddenly, the snake lurched at Dawson.He yelled.Then everything went black.

Two Days Later

Dawson woke up, to see a white wall with a red cross. It took him a moment to realise he was in hospital, as his head was hurting. He looked in a mirror on the side-table, and saw that his forehead had a purple cut on it. Next to the mirror, there was a band-aid. Dawson took the initiative and stuck the band-aid to the cut. He turned on a radio that was next to the mirror, and heard:

” A body was discovered near shore of the “haunted” creek on the suburbs of west LA. The body is believed to be of Reggae Jones, as it was in the clothes Reggae was last seen wearing. The body is now at rotting stage, and is on examination by scientist James Davis Hawke”

“Dad?”  croaked Dawson. “Yes, son” said a voice behind him. He rapidly turned around, to see his father, smiling, and holding a dagger that looked quite familiar. “Here” he said, handing the dagger to Dawson, who was clearly confounded. His father then walked away.

So? Did you like it? We might do a YouTube recording of the story, and I can embed it to this post.

Extra Part: Ending Explained

You are probably feeling like Dawson after you’ve finished the story, as the end has his father visiting him at the hospital just to give him a dagger. Well, the dagger that looked “familiar” was actually a dagger of Reggae’s! The shiny dagger Reggae was holding before his death, was ultimately found with the body, and when James took the body for examination, he had found the dagger too! I also made a “secret” flashback, as Reggae was actually good friends with James, and James insisted to take the examination.

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D

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