I like trains…

I have recently come across the wonderful world of what people call “memes”. Memes are normal pictures which have words written on them to make the pictures funnier. Memes can also be music, video, or GIF. We recently uploaded a video about trains, and one of my lines are actually quite close to a legendary […]

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We have been creating original scripts to post on YouTube. We have used some methods of doing so as well. We think it was a great idea, since our first one at time of writing had already reached 74 views! It’s amazing, and we hope you will encourage us by liking, sharing, and subscribing to […]

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Spooks on paper (or a Mac)

Last night, I finished writing my story, and added the finished title: Under. Under is the story of 16-year old Dawson Hawke and his adventure down under a creek that is believed to be haunted. This is the story: Under: A Horror Story By Rudra Chakrabarti The creek was always a big mystery of the […]

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Comical reaction

Tonight, we created a video of a book called “Tintin: The Blue Lotus”. This was an especially hard video to make. I was about to give up. However, I was motivated to get it right. I mean, who gets annoyed because they can’t make a decent voice recording (everyone), but seriously! I had to do […]

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Following passions

Recently, my father started his YouTube channel. He has been wanting to create a channel for a few months, and I feel pretty happy for him since he fulfilled what he wanted to do, since he used to, (and still does!), make videos with me and him on our tablet. His first video was a […]

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A thing or two about everything

Today we went to Birla Industrial & Technological Museum (BITM), a science museum in Kolkata. I really enjoyed my visit to such a nice science museum. I have never visited a science museum before (there is probably none of this nature in entire New Zealand!) and that is why the experience was so great. LEVEL […]

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India #5: Stories, studies, stuff

In India, as well as Auckland, my mother uses a social media app to share what’s going on in your life. She doesn’t post regularly, but she checks out her feed every day, to find quotes and stories. People write inspiring quotes about books, movies, life, food, people, and anything else you can imagine! People […]

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India #2: Sounds of Music, and the taste of tradition

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the second FUNADDICT travel diary! Starting……..yesterday night! A few hours ago, at about 8 at night, my grandmother performed on stage underneath our building. She sang songs, along with a few other ladies living at Mecon Tower. I taped some of the songs they performed […]

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A singer is born

(Wow, the same sentence starter used three times now) My father loves to sing. He uses karaoke on YouTube and sings away. He usually sings cultural Indian songs and is interested in us making a music/travel/cooking YouTube channel. He also sings songs on karaoke when there is a new version of the song (remix), and […]

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Last year, at the big wrap up, end of the year assembly, the 5th graders performed a song called “Unstoppable”. The song was much better than the 3-4th graders’ one, which I cannot remember the title of. The older kids have it made. I wouldn’t say that we aren’t lucky, though. The occasional video games […]