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A singer is born

(Wow, the same sentence starter used three times now) My father loves to sing. He uses karaoke on YouTube and sings away. He usually sings cultural Indian songs and is interested in us making a music/travel/cooking YouTube channel. He also sings songs on karaoke when there is a new version of the song (remix), and then searches it up to sing the original version. I am in agreement with the channel . He also has this idea where we can make a together WordPress blog. Here is what we have: We will make a blog based on our channel, but we will still be writing in our seperate blogs. In one of my father’s posts, he says that his mother, (my grandmother) also sings. She still occasionally sings, as I hear, but not as much. Even though, for our trip to India soon (exciting!!!), my dad bought her Manuka Honey Lozenges so that she can have them before she sings. My dad also plays his voice recordings on the car, and funnily, the car’s audio system makes the 2019 voice sound classical! Still, the classic speakers have disadvantages. Last month, I recorded the 2015 song “HandClap” on my father’s app “Voice Memos”. But when he played it on the radio, it sounded like a 1995 video song. Anyways, I don’t really record, so I don’t have to worry about that. Better yet, my next recording (in India, probably) will be “We Will Rock You”, so anyhow it’s a classic. See ya!

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