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A few years ago, I told my friend “Our TV box subscription is over, we don’t have channels anymore, we just watch Netflix and stuff on our TV” He replied “Wait. If you don’t have channels, you don’t have YouTube, because there is channels on YouTube, but if you have YouTube, then you have channels, […]

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The Discovery of India #1

Bharat Ek Khoj (The Discovery of India) | Episode 3 is available with ENGLISH SUBTITLES HERE: Recently, we started watching an old Indian TV series that was re-uploaded onto YouTube called “Bharat Ek Khoj” (The Discovery of India, based on a book by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru). We watched an episode of […]

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Lockdown. We’re in lockdown. We, and I’m being honest, are TERRIBLY bored. If you can relate to that, this is the right place to look for a solution. The right website. The right blog post. We, in order to cheer you up, and cheer ourselves up as well, have started a new series on the […]

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Bring back the books!

Our latest original story was about books. Books are an important part of life. You can gain knowledge with books, you can be entertained, and you can pass time. Times come and go, and I remember three years back everyone I knew read. By now, people are focusing on other things like gadgets. Even I […]

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A singer is born

(Wow, the same sentence starter used three times now) My father loves to sing. He uses karaoke on YouTube and sings away. He usually sings cultural Indian songs and is interested in us making a music/travel/cooking YouTube channel. He also sings songs on karaoke when there is a new version of the song (remix), and […]

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Birth of a Legend

I recently watched the 2016 movie Pelé: Birth of a Legend. Kevin De Paula, as Pelé, is absolutely marvellous in his first and only movie! Stunning graphics, amazing realism, and a cameo appearance by Pelé himself! The credits feature Pelé telling us what happened next. This movie was all for the “ginga” in Brazil. Since […]

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Spider-Man Far From Home movie review

Tom Holland is arguably the best Spider-Man there is. The movie starts off at a Salvation Army donation speech by May where Peter (as Spidey) is having a nervous moment about what he has to say. The plot twist is Mysterio (Jake Gylennhall) gets E.D.I.T.H. This is one of the best movies ever! The CGI […]