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Monster Grunter’s Birthday Bash – Book Review

Buy “Monster Grunter’s Birthday Bash” by clicking on this link “Monster Grunter’s Birthday Bash” by Suvi Chisholm and illustrated by Viktoriia Mykhalevych is an entertaining story about what monsters do on their birthdays! The book is available to buy on Amazon by clicking the link above and I will be reviewing it here: Why did […]

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Monster Hunting – Launched in Auckland!

Our book, Monster Hunting has now officially been launched in Auckland! The book launch was at The Dorothy Butler Children’s Bookshop – the best children’s bookstore in Auckland, New Zealand! We signed a lot of books, talked about the origin of moonstruck dad, our illustrations, our book and also read out one of the stories: […]

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Buddy Says – Book Review

Buy “Buddy Says” by clicking on this link “Buddy Says” by Pooja Rai is a book about confidence building that will make kids (as well as probably grown-ups!) motivated. The book is available to buy on Amazon and I will be reviewing it here: Why did I like the book? I liked the book because […]

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Yummy Me Feels So Good – Book Review

Buy “Yummy Me Feels So Good” by clicking on this link Today, I read “Yummy Me Feels So Good” by the author “Lion I Am”. The book is about all the different personalities (“me’s”) in our lives. You can be an angry “me” or a sad “me” or happy “me”. Your different feelings make you […]

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My Raccoon Family – Book Review

Yesterday, I finished reading a e-book (that IS available on hardcover and paperback) called My Raccoon Family by Margaret Churchill. The story is about a couple with three cats. One day, they find a raccoon in their backyard! The raccoon gives birth to a few baby raccoons (who are called kits, by the way). The […]

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My second story is here!

Not long ago, I wrote a story for my blog, called Under. It was what I consider a hit, so I made a second story. Without further ado, here you go! The Land of Zalanoff Once, in a far, mystical galaxy, out in the depths of space, there was a planet. A very small, but […]

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Yesterday, we participated for 3 hours in Steven Lenton‘s #24HOURDRAWATHON, where the artist drew characters from his books for 24 hours straight! It was super fun to draw along with him LIVE on his Facebook page and he was fundraising for a charitable fund in the UK. He raised over 5000 pounds! Watch all our […]

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Haunted Warriors – Book Review

[This book is part of a series called “The Rouges”. You can read more about it here] I recently read a book called Haunted Warriors. I borrowed the book from the Auckland Central library. It is written by Lian Tanner. This is a story of 4 friends, a cat, and a chicken (who has amazing […]