A whole lot of Salmon & Potatoes

The other day, me and dad were making fish and recording it for a video.

When you think about it, the process of making salmon is pretty simple. But no.

It’s not.

We haven’t cooked in a hot minute, and I’ve never cooked salmon (the last time Dad did was when I was around 6 or 7)

So yeah.

The salmon actually turned out pretty nice, partly because we fried it in the wok a bit more than usual, which made it look unusually like a very thick, plain cheese pizza covered in oregano (wouldn’t want to eat that, to be honest) but still made it taste better than usual.

The other part was because of the fact that we didn’t peel the skin off the potatoes, which gave it a nice crispy-ish feeling.

So, after that overview about all of the salmon and potatoes, hopefully you will want to watch two people cook a bunch of salmon and potatoes.

Hopefully you do, if you don’t, your loss.

Also, tell us what you thought about the video in the comments section! (of the video, that is) It will be pretty cool to know your opinions.

By Rudra Chakrabarti

I am a writer, illustrator and a reviewer of children's books. I have collaborated with my dad to write/illustrate books. We also run a YouTube channel together. :D