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The One and Only

Category: Uncategorized

  • The Best Free Animating App

    I have always wanted to animate, but finding the right app or software to use has proven to be…well…difficult. I started out with Stop Motion animation, but it takes an awfully long time to master, since I have to hold a heavy iPad in the same place while moving things around. But recently through school […]


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  • A new approach

    So, I made 2 comics in the past 2 weeks or so, right? Well, I realised pretty soon that this wasn’t gonna cut it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, writing these comics are great and all, but I’m still putting it off over school and work and YouTube and all the other stuff. So […]

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  • “Energy Water”

    This is my second comic. Click to view.

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  • The NEW FunAddict

    Hello! I know it’s been like 3 months since I last posted. Man, the last time I posted I didn’t know you could upload YouTube Shorts straight from your phone. But now, with more ideas than ever before, I am officially BACK! Now, you may notice that the site looks a bit different, and that’s […]

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  • Taking Over

    Taking Over

    Snudo laughed. “Yes” he said “YES! The king of Edwawor, dead at my own ha-“ “NO!” Snudo woke up with a jolt. After a month of camping alone in the forests outside of Edwawor, he had been having nightmares for weeks. Nightmares where he had been a murderer. His clothes were beginning to get torn […]

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  • A whole lot of Salmon & Potatoes

    The other day, me and dad were making fish and recording it for a video. When you think about it, the process of making salmon is pretty simple. But no. It’s not. We haven’t cooked in a hot minute, and I’ve never cooked salmon (the last time Dad did was when I was around 6 […]

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  • Jefferson – Book Review

    Jefferson – Book Review

    Buy Jefferson by clicking here Today I read the French book “Jefferson” written by Jean-Claude Mourlevat (and translated to English by Rob Schwartz). The book is about two lands; one for the humans and the other for the animals. In the animal land, there is a hedgehog, named Jefferson. He is a happy-go-lucky, normal hedgehog. […]

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  • Thank you!

    Recently, my dad has started writing a lot of movie reviews on his blog ( and posting them on Twitter (@DadMoonstruck). As most of you may know, on Twitter, you can tag people on your tweet by using the @ button and typing their handle. We use this to tag the actors in the movies […]

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  • Do you know?

    Do you know?

    The dad and son have been catching up on their learning and are now sharing their research with the world! On our YouTube channel, there is now a series called “Do you know?” where the dad/son duo share their knowledge with you, and has 100% true facts (and sources are in the video descriptions) so […]

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  • Work in progress

    I haven’t been posting here for quite a long time, partly because I’ve been busy experimenting with YouTube, and the other part, I have been very busy on reading for things to record. In fact, I have been working on a horror story that can “send chills down your spine” and will notify on here […]

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