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The One and Only

Category: Modern

  • Almost time to celebrate!

    Almost time to celebrate!

    I know that I made a post like this not long ago when I was at 97 posts or so. But…I am almost at 1 year, and I repeat, 1 YEAR, of blogging on this very site. It feels so weird, you know? I remember the day of the blog’s creation, the day of the […]

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  • The Ickabog

    The Ickabog

    J.K. Rowling has started writing a new book and 15 of the chapters are already available online on the Ickabog website (click here). The special thing about this book is that children can draw the illustrations for it. You need to read the chapters, and draw some of the illustration themes (click here) My drawing […]


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  • Do you know?

    Do you know?

    The dad and son have been catching up on their learning and are now sharing their research with the world! On our YouTube channel, there is now a series called “Do you know?” where the dad/son duo share their knowledge with you, and has 100% true facts (and sources are in the video descriptions) so […]

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  • More pixels for you to enjoy!

    More pixels for you to enjoy!

    Hello! WELCOME to another pixel art showcase! Today I created an artwork of an emoji that is kind of like those shiny emoji icons you find on sticker apps, but this one says hello! For more small pixel artworks, stay tuned!

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  • Almost 100 posts! (yay!)

    Almost 100 posts! (yay!)

    Hello everybody! I have this blog for almost a year now, and I am super excited to announce that I am almost at 100 blog posts! I can’t believe we are already here, and if you’re looking for proof, look no more!: Also, thank you for getting me to almost 600 likes as well, in […]

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  • My second story is here!

    My second story is here!

    Not long ago, I wrote a story for my blog, called Under. It was what I consider a hit, so I made a second story. Without further ado, here you go! The Land of Zalanoff Once, in a far, mystical galaxy, out in the depths of space, there was a planet. A very small, but […]

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  • Drawathon!


    Yesterday, we participated for 3 hours in Steven Lenton‘s #24HOURDRAWATHON, where the artist drew characters from his books for 24 hours straight! It was super fun to draw along with him LIVE on his Facebook page and he was fundraising for a charitable fund in the UK. He raised over 5000 pounds! Watch all our […]

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  • Authors PARADE (Interview)

    Authors PARADE (Interview)

    This morning, we had an interview with BOOKWHIG, for the Authors Parade, as I mentioned in my last post. Without any further ado, here is the whole interview!: BOOKWHIG – Welcome to BOOKWHIG’s #AuthorsParade moonstruck dad – Hello. How are you all. BOOKWHIG – Tell us little about yourself. moonstruck dad – I am originally from India but currently […]

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  • Stop Motion Animators!

    Stop Motion Animators!

    WOW! We are STOP MOTION ANIMATORS now! Today we created two animations and they turned out AMAZING! During this lockdown it’s a time where you can get creative and make some awesome stuff! We used an app called Stop Motion Studio to take pictures and convert them to video. Stop Motion Studio is an amazing […]

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  • On the radio

    On the radio

    Our book is available on various Amazon sites, including in India. Soon a paperback copy will be available as well. As you know, our book has been released. We sent a little brochure to some local news magazines and radio stations and asked them to promote our book and YouTube channel. Soon, we got a response […]

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