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Dead end…

Today we made an animation for YouTube and Twitter! It involves none other than the one and only Iron Man walking towards his house when suddenly A DEAD END comes to meet him!!! If only you watch the video though, you will be able to experience the joy of sound effects…so if you have 12 […]

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The Willoughbys – Movie Review

Yesterday, I watched the Netflix original movie called “The Willoughbys”. It was a really funny comedy movie, and here is my review! (spoiler alert): The Willoughbys is a comedy film for ages 7 and above. The film is really great and you can find it on Netflix. The narrator is a cat 😀 The story […]

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Caterpillar Horror! 🐛 (ft. Mario)

We created a new animation on YouTube and Twitter, which is a caterpillar chase! The animation also has a special guest…SUPER MARIO! Not just any Mario though…1985 MARIO! Yes, we took a trip back to the past, to the 80s, where gathering actually existed! It seems so long since i’ve been somewhere which isn’t the […]