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Biking and more activities like that

Biking is one of my favourite outdoor activities. I like other stuff as well, such as the examples I am putting down here! Tennis I like playing tennis with my dad. We even have a video on our YouTube channel where we are playing tennis! Games… I like numerous outdoor games, my favourites being Cheat […]

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It’s Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! It’s time for trick-or-treating, candy, friends, costumes and pumpkin carving! This year, the Chocolate Monster talked about Halloween too! His business in scares is really booming, and he has a lot of work at this time of year. Even with all that, he managed to find a slot for his next interview. […]

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Almost 100 posts! (yay!)

Hello everybody! I have this blog for almost a year now, and I am super excited to announce that I am almost at 100 blog posts! I can’t believe we are already here, and if you’re looking for proof, look no more!: Also, thank you for getting me to almost 600 likes as well, in […]

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Mar10 Day!

It was Mar10 day yesterday! cartoon:

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Bring back the books!

Our latest original story was about books. Books are an important part of life. You can gain knowledge with books, you can be entertained, and you can pass time. Times come and go, and I remember three years back everyone I knew read. By now, people are focusing on other things like gadgets. Even I […]

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I know I haven’t been writing for a while. I have noticed that I haven’t really remembered all about Auckland, which is significantly weird, since I was born here. One of the things I kept in mind is not well known at India, is called trick-or-treating. For the few who might not know what trick-or-treating […]

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Later we return

Tomorrow we set off for our trip back to New Zealand. Our travels have been fun. I met new people, and saw family after two years. Every two years, one couple from our family come to Auckland, or we go to India. In Ranchi, I found it funny seeing almost everyone know each other. Teghoria, […]

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Back in the day…

Again, this post is about my father. When he was 20, he went to Jawaharlal Nehru University. Fast-forward to 2019, someone who studied in the same university won the Nobel Prize for economics. This event made my father take a trip back to his 20s, as he now talks about JNU quite a lot. The […]

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Nights in Auckland, usually on our apartment and the K Road Haka Hotel (haka is a ceremonial dance in NZ), are lit up by what locals call the Lightpath. The Lightpath is a pink bike track, but it has short poled lights that fully light up at nighttime. Bikers are not aware that that place […]

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Last year, at the big wrap up, end of the year assembly, the 5th graders performed a song called “Unstoppable”. The song was much better than the 3-4th graders’ one, which I cannot remember the title of. The older kids have it made. I wouldn’t say that we aren’t lucky, though. The occasional video games […]