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Lockdown to (not) do list!

You all probably know about the Chocolate Monster. And most of you probably know about our #EasterAtHome videos on Twitter and YouTube. We have now created a new series combining BOTH of those elements (without the easter part, but with the “at home” part). The series is called…Wrong Answers with the Chocolate Monster! It’s basically […]

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moonstruck dad comics

We have started a moonstruck dad comic series on Twitter called Life in Lockdown (not to be confused with our YouTube series) where we cover the adventures of the dad and son while in lockdown. Follow us on Twitter for more cartoons: @DadMoonstruck

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Lockdown. We’re in lockdown. We, and I’m being honest, are TERRIBLY bored. If you can relate to that, this is the right place to look for a solution. The right website. The right blog post. We, in order to cheer you up, and cheer ourselves up as well, have started a new series on the […]

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Heap House – Book Review

[This book is part of a series called Iremonger] About 2 weeks ago, I got the book Heap House from the local library. I started reading it, and it was a nice and long read. Usually I didn’t have time to read the book, because of the fact I was basically outside from morning to […]