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[moonstruck dad is now on Twitter! Please follow us 🐦] This nostalgic trip to Calcutta involves gangsters. Well, not really gangsters. More of a crazy guy. From lone protests to mad blessings, this video has it all. I present to you…….CALCUTTA DAYS EPISODE 4!!!!

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Unlikely Love

This video, we are taking on a matter with a large amount of seriousness……..BEDS!!!!! No, really. If you don’t spend time with your bed, you will face the consequences! What makes a little boy want to spend time with his bed once more? What does a bed have to say about not so great things? […]

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Be the lucky 50th! 🎉

There was one day when my dad and I celebrated having ten subscribers. It makes me so happy that we have come as far as 48 subscribers. If you read this post, take an offer into consideration. Two people will choose themselves to be the 49th and 50th subscribers! I am really happy to see […]