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Check out another blog!: Ulysses in Utopia

Check out one of my followed blogs called Ulysses in Utopia! It is written by Tanmoy Chakrabarti and you should definitely go check it out, follow the blog, and like his posts! Ulysses in Utopia is also available by Google Search


Never Give Up

This isn’t the type of article I would usually write. All I want to say is, try hard, and someday you will become a champion in life. We all think (even me, in a certain point) that you should just do something and be done with it, even if you just say “I can’t do […]

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Gaming movies ranked from best to worst

The 2020’s is a busy year for video game movies. The Sonic movie is coming out on February, Minecraft is on March 2022 and Illumination’s Mario Bros animated movie is also coming out sometime in the 20’s. To celebrate this, we organised a list! Be sure to watch our recommendations! 5: Detective Pikáchu (2019) The […]

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Spider-Man Far From Home movie review

Tom Holland is arguably the best Spider-Man there is. The movie starts off at a Salvation Army donation speech by May where Peter (as Spidey) is having a nervous moment about what he has to say. The plot twist is Mysterio (Jake Gylennhall) gets E.D.I.T.H. This is one of the best movies ever! The CGI […]


Best things about Detective Pikáchu

Detective Pikáchu is a film about Tim Goodman and his quest to find his father. Here is a breakdown of best things in the film. Cute pikáchu Pikáchu would be the cutest Pokémon ever anyway, but this…just…gives his cuteness an overload. From the cutie pika-pika voice (Not compliment to Ryan Renolds, although he does deserve […]


Welcome to FUNADDICT

This is my blog. This website will share my opinion of things so don’t abuse me or anyone. I welcome you with open arms to the wacky world of……..(drumroll)……….FUNADDICT!!!