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Lockdown. We’re in lockdown. We, and I’m being honest, are TERRIBLY bored. If you can relate to that, this is the right place to look for a solution. The right website. The right blog post. We, in order to cheer you up, and cheer ourselves up as well, have started a new series on the […]

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Our book is here!

Get Monster Hunting now! WOO! After many months, many drafts, many illustrations, many mistakes, many whatever, we’ve FINALLY published our book! The eBook is FREE now! Yes, you read right. You can get our book (Monster Hunting) FREE on Amazon right now! PLEASE download and review the book. LINK HERE AGAIN – Get Monster Hunting […]

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A book is coming…

My dad and I have been working on a book together, which shall be soon available (fingers crossed). To find out even MORE please follow us on! Also (obviously), SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel! Here’s a sneak peek! We will appreciate if you continue to be part of our journey.